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I'd probably bore you stiff right now, but I'm actually very excited about my life and career.  No big travel plans for the year. But doing lots of writing, and a lot of it related to the travels and research of the last few years.  I'm concentrating on some re-publishing, especially after Samhain's demise. And I have unfinished books I really want to see published. Then, there are the new ideas that just won't stop coming...


I'm holing up like a Hobbit, finishing the last revision for final edits for IF WISHES WERE WALTZES, a last go-through by an editor, in preparation for formatting and publishing in August.


Still meeting weekly with several friends twice a week to write, and all sorts of personal things. Lots of family, re-connecting with relatives I haven't seen in years. House renovations and fixings.  Landscaping and gardening. 


Genealogy continues to fascinate me. I'm fortunate to have so many ancestors whose history was actually recorded as far back as the Dark Ages. Finding Viking ancestors on the Orkney Islands and Iceland... I could really bore you if I start talking about all I've discovered. 


You'll see me on FaceBook and on my blog, which I'm also renovating, but not too much in public. Just too much that needs doing!


Oh yes, don't worry-- I 'm still swimming. Lots!



ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA National Conference, Denver. CO

The Beau Monde Mini-Conference

RWA Literacy Autographing 

Golden Heart and RITA Awards Ceremony 

Parties and all sorts of other fun and networky type stuff.

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