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This is the place for my favorite remarks from fans and reviews. 

Marion M.:  "I have just finished reading for the second time, two of your novels. Even the second time around, I couldn't put them down. Every book you release will be on my list."

Roxanne P.: "I have read it [LOKI'S DAUGHTERS] three times since then, at least. I’m not say­ing it is the best book I’ve ever read. I’m not even say­ing it is up there with the greats. But, some­how, it is very compelling."

Wendy : "I feel the need to write to you and tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your books. I downloaded Fire Dance from Amazon when it was free and greatly enjoyed it. I didn't think to check out any other books you may have written though since I've found that many times it ends up being the same story with new character names (John Irving comes to mind, though there are several others). Then Mudlark showed up, also on the free list. Since I didn't have anything to lose, I read that one as well. I loved it. I immediately sought out what else you might have and was thrilled to read both Loki's Daughters and Prince of Toads. All four of these books are so different and so well written. I greatly enjoyed all of them. I reread Fire Dance this morning, even. I'm excited to check out the rest of your books and I'll be watching for anything from you in the future. "

Mizwaller: "I really only like Regency era historicals so it's hard to find enough good books to keep me going. Thank goodness I was desperate last month and took a chance on "His Majesty etc". What fun! That led me to purchase several more of your titles. I've just finished "Sins of the Heart",and it was wonderful. One of those books you wish you hadn't read so you could experience it for the first time all over again.]"


Richard L.: "This is much better than the traditional bodice-ripper. The romantic element is there but it's not the whole purpose of the story. I enjoyed it very much."

Dr. Debra.: 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Beautiful and Different. Each of Delle Jacobs books is different, and it's always nice to be surprised by the stories she creates. Yet Siren is completely different from anything else she's written. Be prepared to drift into a beautiful fantasy set in the sea and in Hawaii during the time of the missionaries. 

I read this book the day after I saw Pirates of the Caribbean lV, and was most intrigued by the romance between the preacher and the mermaid. I was also disappointed by not seeing that romance play out. Delle Jacobs' novella could almost be that story. In fact, the heroes in both name their loves Serena. (Although I know the novella was written before the movie came out.)" 

A lovely tale--perfect summer beach reading." 

Pat K. :: "Proud to say I have a "first" edition. I pull out your books & read them again." 

Susannah I: "Hey -- I'm lovin' the toad."




Review by: Kelli Caselman on Jul. 25, 2010 :     


"I was up half the night reading this book, because I just couldn't stop. It was perfect, as so few are for me. You have the strong, self sacrificing youmg girl that everyone wants to protect. And the male character is well-rounded, being neither a brainless walking sex drive, nor a too sensitive milksop.


"If you feel like all the historical romances you read are slight variations of each other, this is the book for you. Set around 1000 AD in a country castle, this actually has a story! No inane drivel here! The sex is sprinkled like a spice. It's not a main dish that's been rehashed nine times till you're ho hum and flipping pages to avoid it. 

"So, a pretty great book here, but next time I read this author, I'll allow more time so I can finish without stopping."

Review by: Dianne Stevens on Jul. 21, 2010 :     

"I loved this story. Stayed up long hours to finish it. It kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next all the way to the last page. I want to thank the author for an enjoyable read."


Review by: Tina Folsom on May. 23, 2010 :     


"This was a great read. The author has a definite talent for wonderful dialogue. Also pacing was great, the plot moving swiftly along, and especially at the beginning I was unable to guess where the story was going - which is hard to do. 

"This is definitely an author to watch. Her characters are colorful and strong and her writing talent is wonderful. The only thing I generally prefer in the romances I read is a little bit more sex, even though the author managed to infuse sexual tension without the characters actually doing it. Great job!"

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