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A new sequel series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in a Historical Romantic Suspense style. Book 1 will be published soon.

Books 2 through 4 are in development.

Book 1: IF WISHES WERE WALTZES: Anne de Bourgh

Since her father died, plain and timid Anne de Bourgh has given in to her mother’s hateful oppression and entered the safe world of spinsterhood. Then the dashing Hussar, Major Laurence, rides into her life, and she begins to blossom into the woman she secretly wants to be.


Lady Catherine, however, is desperate to retain control of Anne and Rosings Park. As the friendship with Laurence deepens toward love, Anne discovers just how dangerously far her mother will go to keep her power.


It was always just easier for shy Anne to just let her mother have her way and rule the house. But now if Anne can't stand up to her mother's tyranny, her freedom, her right to love, and even her very existence are threatened.

But maybe she's learned some things are worth a hard fight.

And now she has her loyal and daring Hussar to help her with the battle.



Book 2: LET HONOR PREVAIL: Col. Roland Fitzwilliam

How can a man love two women at the same time? Honor demands he give one up. Honor also demands he protect his family. But there is more than one kind of honor, and more than one kind of love. Will it be honor or love that prevails?


Book 3: THE LADY BETRAYED: Georgiana Darcy

Two painful secrets. Someone not only knows them but means to exaggerate and use them to destroy Georgiana.


Book 4: THE WIDOW REGRETS: Charlotte Lucas Collins

Charlotte never expected much from marriage, but she didn’t know how horrendous it could be. Finally a legal widow, she intends never to repeat that mistake, despite the courtship of a man who has too many scars to be a safe choice. Then she learns how dangerous "safe" can be.


Strangers separated by a crime and a marriage-yet joined by a

terror  and a war. (Imagine Richard Sharpe running headlong into

a rudely awakened and terrorized Elizabeth Bennet.)


A Regency romantic suspense set in England and the Peninsular

War in Portugal and Spain.


As plain, penurious and blue-stocking as they come, Miss Lilly Fosbrooke has no thought of marriage, and is looking forward to the time when she comes into her inheritance and can run her own life. Until horribly handsome Gabriel, Viscount Sylvaine starts treating her like the most beautiful woman on earth. 


But her romantic bubble bursts when she learns Gabe is only courting her because her wacky step-father has something Gabe wants badly. Humiliated at his deception, and intent on  revenge for the slights by Gabe and the other arrogant gay blades of the Ton, Lilly and her on-the-shelf friends form The Society of Plain Janes, Long Megs, Church Mice and Ape Leaders. Together, they make Lilly over into a diamond no man could resist.

They don't know that from the time Gabe was a child, everything in his life has been ruined by gorgeous, treacherous women. All he ever wanted was a normal life, plain, ordinary, bland as over-cooked flummery. A beautiful woman is the last thing in the world he wants, or trusts. But, beauty or not, Gabe has no idea how much he'll come to crave Lilly's hidden dragon-like fire.​



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