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Got a degree in Geography-- minor in Anthropology.

Outstanding Undergraduate in Geography in the Nation.

Been a Cartographer, social worker, expert knitter and seamstress, and love crafts.  

Bio in Pics

What have I done?


Raised a family-- A large one-

My bio kids, kids by marriage. and  More kids by biological, generational and various other means. (Meaning, I just might be older than you think. . .)


I grew up with music and love all kinds. Then Photoshop came along, and I took to it like it spoke to my soul. Now I also do book covers and other art.

(And yes, I did the art for this website.) 

White-water rafting on the Deschutes  

Salmon fishing off the

Coast of Washington

Exploring the Ape Caves on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens

(They're lava tubes and have nothing to do with apes.)

Did lots of hiking. This is me coming out of Crater Lake. One steep walk!

Been to sea (okay, okay, it was the Columbia River) in a few tall ships: 

the brig Lady Washington,

the privateer Lynx (a fore-and-aft rigged topsail schooner),

and the ketch Hawaiian Chieftain.

(Here's Lady Washington,

viewed from Lynx, coming to port.)

Along about here, something


was happening. I started writing books.

Quit social work.

Won three Golden Hearts

Wet Noodle Posse

Golden Heart finalists 2003

  Published my first book in 2000. 

Met a lot of writing friends.

Wrote more, published more.

Won some awards.

Book signings, conferences, new contracts--

I'm especially happy with my contract

with Montlake Romance and with my indie publishing, both of which will keep my books on the shelves forever.

(Or something like that.)

Rose City Romance Writers

Only occasionally

got into trouble...

Anna Brentwood, Melia Alexander, Nancy Lytle and me, signing books

With Peggy Bird at Jan's Paperbacks

Sometimes my job is really hard.

Now I travel a lot more, researching my books and spending special time with my family.

And I swim. A lot.


More life!

More books! More Research!

More family! More friends! 

More art!

More swimming!

Maybe romance???

I'm immensely grateful for the opportunities I've had to travel, which have been far more than just fun to me. I've learned so much-- things I've needed to know for my books that I couldn't have found out any other way.


Now please excuse me for rattling on-I do get excited about life. But I've got a lot of books left yet to write!

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